What can we do for you?
C.S.R.D. can provide you with state of art software solutions, which will automate your business processes. We assist you in choosing the right software, and implementing this software for it to work to it's fullest potential for you. We also provide training of all users, and consult in the best way to setup all software we provide.

What do we sell?
We sell business applications we represent or create ourselves. We have a wide range of software solutions, which automate different processes such as Point of Sale, Restaurant Automation, Accounting, Financial Solutions, Customs Declaration, Freight Forwarding and Project Management to name a few.

How about Custom Programming?
Sure, we currently have staff available for development of Windows applications.

What don't we know?
Even though our area of expertise covers most common and many uncommon problems encountered by users we do get stumped once in a while. This is the time to do our own research.

We have at our disposal the technical support staff of various vendors of our software products. We will never leave a customer with an unresolved problem.

How can you reach us?
There is always a technician available either in the office or through a cellular phone. Help is never more than a phone call away. 

How soon do we respond?
We are prepared to respond to all customers on a maintenance program within 60 minutes and if necessary be on site within 4 hours.


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